Restriction: This option requires the .NET Framework 2.0 SDK version, and that the extend compiler can locate the .NET development tools (see .NET Development Options for more information).

The --netexe compiler option generates a .NET executable file for command line execution. The name of the executable is the name of the program followed by .exe. All valid ACUCOBOL-GT command line options can be specified with the executable, as well as any of the following Linkage Section parameters:

For example, the compiler command:

ccbl32 --netexe MyCobol.cbl

results in two files being created: the COBOL object, MyCobol.acu, and the .NET executable, MyCobol.exe.

You can execute the .NET version from the command line with MyCobol.exe or you can include command line options and linkage section parameters. For example:

MyCobol.exe -d -int:1234 -string:"Enter customer name"
The --netexe compiler option also accepts the following .NET version-specific modifiers to create .NET version-specific files:
  • :2.0