ShutDown terminates the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime and is sometimes called when the runtime is no longer needed by the application . Please note that ShutDown should rarely be executed in a .NET application. This is because CVM provides an interface to the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime that is a standard Windows DLL, and there is only one instance of the DLL in the application. Even though you might destroy the instance of the CVM assembly, Windows keeps the DLL loaded until the application terminates. If you later create a new instance of CVM, Windows gives it a handle to the loaded DLL. Once an instance of CVM executes the ShutDown method, then any current or subsequent instances will not work because the DLL is now in a shutdown state and can not be reactivated.

ShutDown is automatically called when CAcuCobol is destoyed. This method is useful in other contexts as well and is provided to maintain compatibility.


public void ShutDown(int msg)


Variable     Definition
msg 0 Is the default return code

FreeInfo de-allocates IntPtr pInfo control blocks that were allocated during a call to CallAcuCobol. If this is not called the blocks will be de-allocated when "wrunnet" is removed from the system or when class CVM is destroyed.