Reading Messages from Queues

To read messages from a WebSphere MQ queue, use the following code:

    USING by value HCONN, by value HQUEUE,
    by reference MSGDESC, by reference GETMSGOPTS,
    by value BUFFER-LEN, by reference BUFFER-REP, 
    by reference DATA-LEN,

in the following modes:


Variable Description Definition
HCONN S9(9) BINARY handle to queue manager User-defined
HQUEUE S9(9) BINARY handle to queue User-defined
BUFFER-LEN S9(9) BINARY length in bytes of buffer area User-defined
DATA-LEN S9(9) BINARY length in bytes of data in the message User-defined


Variable Description Definition
BUFFER-REP Area to contain the message data User-defined
COMPCODE S9(9) BINARY returns the completion code User-defined
REASON S9(9) BINARY returns the reason User-defined

I-O Mode:

Variable Description Definition
MSGDESC Structure describes the attributes of the message required and the attributes of the message retrieved cmqmdv.cpy
GETMSGOPTS Options that control the action of MQGET For example, if you want to read a specific message, then you can specify the option MQMO_MATCH_CORREL_ID which causes only messages with the specified correl-id to be retrieved. cmqgmov.cpy