Stand-Alone Installations

If you will be accessing your Vision data locally, you don't require AcuXDBC Server or AcuServer. The following steps are all performed on the same machine:
  1. Install AcuXDBC software using the installation script found on your product distribution media.
  2. Edit a configuration file, either by hand or with genxconf.

    For information about genxconf see AcuXCBC Configuration.

  3. Create a database:
    • For the demo, use the demo file located in the GENESIS_HOME directory.
    • For an empty database:
      1. Use the script file ainit.
      2. Run the executable xdbcutil

        xdbcutil -c -d mydb -pa

  4. If desired, create users.
  5. Load the system catalog with information from your XFDs. (for details on this see Loading the System Catalog with Your XFDs.
  6. Set permissions. See Setting Permissions on Your Tables.
  7. Set up a Data Source Name (DSN) for your Vision data. This step is not required if you plan to use a query tool to issue SQL queries and do not require ODBC integration.