These are the prerequisites for BIS for Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) running on Microsoft Windows. A host machine running one of the following operating systems is required:

In addition, Internet Information Server (IIS) must be installed before BIS can be installed. The procedure for installing IIS is dependent on the version of Windows.

When BIS is installed on certain non-server operating systems, such as Windows 7, there are connection limit restrictions that prevent use as a real-world web server. These systems, however, do work well for BIS/IIS application development and testing.

  1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features.
  1. Click Turn Windows Features On and Off.

  2. From the Windows Features dialog box, as a minimum, make the following selections:
    • Internet Information Services
      • Web Management Tools
        • IIS Management Console 1
      • World Wide Web Services
        • Application Development Features
          • ASP.NET 2
          • ISAPI Extensions
          • ISAPI Filters
        • Common HTTP Features
          • Default Document
          • HTTP Errors
          • HTTP Redirection
          • Static Content
        • Health and Diagnostics
          • HTTP Logging
          • Logging Tools
          • Request Monitor
        • Performance Features
          • Static Content Compression
        • Security
          • Basic Authentication
          • Request Filtering
          • Windows Authentication

Note that other features may also be required, but are selected by default.

Once configuration is complete, close the Internet Information Server (IIS) Manager window, and reboot if required.