The value of COMMIT_COUNT indicates the conditions under which you want Acu4GL to issue an automatic COMMIT_WORK operation.


Valid values are:

0 A commit is issued when no locks are held, either because all files that had locked records have been closed, or because a COBOL COMMIT verb has been issued. This is the default value
"n" A commit is issued after n operations. WRITE, REWRITE, and DELETE count towards n; READ, START, and READ NEXT do not

No commit is issued by Acu4GL when COMMIT_COUNT is set to -1; the alternatives when this is set:

  • Call your Oracle query tool with COMMIT WORK or ROLLBACK WORK
  • Use the COBOL verbs COMMIT and ROLLBACK, available in your COBOL development system

    COMMIT_COUNT is set to "-1" internally when you use the transaction management facilities available in ACUCOBOL-GT.

A COMMIT WORK, however, is issued on exit from the run time system (for example, on execution of a STOP RUN)

For information about supported features, see Supported Features for Oracle Information.