Invalid Password

Problem: Attempts to connect to the server fail with a 9D, 102, invalid password error.

File system error value = 102
Invalid connection password specified by client

The causes and remedies of password match failures are straightforward. Invalid password errors occur for two reasons:

  1. The password supplied via interactive input does not match the password in the access record.

    These failures are obvious and simply require that you work with your AcuServer system administrator to establish a new password or to have the password requirement removed.

  2. The password is supplied by the application via the Acu_Client_Password variable, and the value of Acu_Client_Password does not match the password in the access record.

    Because password transactions involving Acu_Client_Password are invisible to the user, the cause of these failures is not immediately obvious. If you are getting the error message given above, but you're not being prompted for a password, the application is using Acu_Client_Password. The value of Acu_Client_Password is set when the application is installed. To change or remove the password requires assistance from the application's technical support group. Contact your application vendor.