Disable Client Features with the Security Editor

Using the Security Editor, you can remove commands from the menus, disable buttons on toolbars and QuickPads, and disable keys on keyboard maps. For example, if you want to prevent users from creating a new session, you can remove the New Session option from the File menu. All changes are kept in a Scheme file (.ESF). This file can be password protected and then distributed to users on your network. Security can then be enforced by making the security scheme file read-only.

The default Scheme file (default.esf) is installed in the Schemes directory and lists all client features as enabled. You can edit this file, or save a copy of the Scheme file with a new name and modify the copy.

To disable a client feature with the Security Editor

  1. In an open session, from the Options menu, choose Security.

  2. For Scheme,specify the Scheme file you want to edit.

  3. Click the Options tab.

  4. If the Scheme file is password protected, you are prompted for the password. Enter the password in the Security Password dialog box, then click OK.

  5. Select the Category that contains the commands you want to set.

  6. Clear the check mark from the commands you want to secure.

  7. To save the Scheme file, click the File tab and click Save As.

  8. Select the file or enter a new filename and click Save.