20.4 Disabling Filr User Accounts

Micro Focus recommends that you disable user accounts instead of deleting them. When you delete a user account, the account can never be re-activated. If there is the slightest possibility that the user might return to your Filr site, disable the user account rather than delete it. Also, all files and folders that the user shared with other users are no longer accessible.

Disabled accounts do not count as licensed users. When you disable a user account, all the active shares from that user are still accessible. Also, the Filr administrator can use the Admin Console to edit the Filr share rights set on these shares. For more information about editing the shared settings, see Managing Shared Items in the Filr 4.3: Administrative UI Reference.

The way to disable a user account differs depending on whether the user was created in Filr or in an LDAP directory and then synchronized to Filr.

20.4.1 Disabling or Re-enabling a Local User Account

Path: Port 8443 Filr Administration Console Management > Users > select user accounts > More > Disable or Enable

20.4.2 Disabling an LDAP User Account

If users are being synchronized from an LDAP directory, you must disable the accounts directly from the LDAP directory. User accounts that are disabled in the LDAP directory are disabled in Filr at the next LDAP synchronization.

For more information about LDAP synchronization in Filr, see LDAP Servers and Synchronization in the Filr 4.3: Administrative UI Reference.