7.0 Hosting Desktop Application Installation Files on a Separate Server

By default, the Filr server is configured to deploy the Filr desktop application and to provide the auto-update information. As a best practice to minimize load on the Filr server, we recommend that you set up a separate web server and configure it to deploy the desktop application and provide the auto-update information.

  1. Set up a web server as a host for the Filr desktop application auto-update information.

    This web server must be set up so that it does not require authentication.

  2. Download and extract the file from the Filr downloads page on the Micro Focus Marketplace. You can click the download option, the .exe and .msi files are zipped together and downloaded. You can also browse into the details and can download .exe and .msi individually from the Micro Focus Marketplace. The Micro Focus Filr <version>.zip is downloaded.

    This compressed file contains all of the files required for installing the Filr desktop application.

    For example, if you download this file to the Desktop, extracting the file results in the following directories:



  3. (Optional) Ensure that you can access the files on your web server through one of the following methods:

    • From a browser

      For example:

    • From a command line

      For example, from the Web server, SSH to the Filr appliance and run the following command:

      #wget http://web_server_address/desktopapp/novellfilr/windows/x64/version.json

  4. Configure the Filr desktop application using the Port 8443 Administrative Console System > Desktop Application dialog.

    In the Deploy files accessed via a URL to another location field, specify one of the following URLs, depending on whether your web server is configured with secure HTTP:

  5. Click OK.