4.7 Understanding the Filr Desktop Console

The Filr Desktop Console include the following options:

4.7.1 Account

4.7.2 General

  • Allows you to specify whether you want Filr to automatically launch when the computer starts.

4.7.3 Storage

  • Allows you to specify the location for synchronizing the Filr files. By default, Filr files are synchronized to the C:\Users\username\Filr folder on your file system. For more information, see Storage.

  • Allows you to specify how long locally cached files are retained after they were last accessed or modified. For more information, see Removing Cache Files.

4.7.4 Application

  • Filr now lets your system administrator control application-driven downloads and prevent Filr from filling up local disks. The Application page summarizes the action that your administrator has taken. If restrictions are in place, the page has a link for viewing the applications that are allowed, blocked, or both. For more information, see Preventing Application-Driven Downloads From Filling Up the Local Disk.

4.7.5 Pending Changes

4.7.6 Recent Activity

  • Displays activity that has recently taken place in the Filr desktop application. For more information, see Viewing Recent Activity.

4.7.7 System Alerts

  • Displays various alerts such as new software updates, expired passwords, server downtime, and so forth. For more information, see Viewing System Alerts.