Installing HAA Server on three machines

This is the recommended method of installing HAA Server.

Use the supplied script to install HAA Server on the manager node and two specified nodes.

./ <User>@<NODE 1(HostName|IP)> <User>@<NODE 2(HostName|IP)> [--temp-dir=<dir>>] [--hostname=<full_public_host_name_of_machine>] [--port=<port>] [--certfile=</path/to/your/file.crt>] [--keyfile=</path/to/your/file.key>][--eula-accepted]

During the process you might be prompted to accept the End User License Agreement, as well as for hostname/port and the crt/key file path if not entered in advance.

You might also be prompted for passwords to the other nodes.

Note: Installation starts the service automatically.