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Color Enumeration

Host color values.

Namespace:  MicroFocus.ZFE.Connector
Assembly:  MicroFocus.ZFE.Connector (in MicroFocus.ZFE.Connector.dll) Version: (
public enum Color
  Member nameDescription
BlankUnspecified When used for a foreground color, this is mapped to Green for 3270 and 5250 host types and WhiteNormalIntensity for all other host types. When used as a background color, this is mapped to Black.
Blue Blue
Green Green
Cyan Cyan
Red Red
Magenta Magenta
Yellow Yellow
WhiteNormalIntensity Normal intensity white
Gray Gray
LightBlue Light blue
LightGreen Light green
LightCyan Light cyan
LightRed Light red
LightMagenta Light magenta
Black Black
WhiteHighIntensity High intensity white
Brown Brown
Pink Pink
Turquoise Turquoise
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