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OiaStatus Enumeration

Operator Information Area status values.

Namespace:  MicroFocus.ZFE.Connector
Assembly:  MicroFocus.ZFE.Connector (in MicroFocus.ZFE.Connector.dll) Version: (
public enum OiaStatus
  Member nameDescription
ControllerReady Controller ready.
AOnline Online with a non-SNA connection.
MyJob Connected to a host application.
Newline Newline mode is active.
DisplayMemory Display Memory status.
Time Host busy.
SysLock System lock following aid key.
CommCheck Communication check.
ProgCheck Program check.
Elsewhere Keystroke invalid at cursor location.
FnMinus Function not available.
WhatKey Keystroke invalid.
MoreThan Too many characters entered in field.
SymMinus Symbol entered not available.
InputError Operator input error.
LimitedEmulation Session is in limited emulation mode.
Insert Cursor in insert mode.
FormsMode Forms mode is active.
CommErrRem Communications error reminder.
MsgWaiting Message waiting indicator.
Encrypt Session is encrypted.
NumField Invalid character in numeric only field.
TransmitMode Transmit mode is active.
SpOwLatch Space overwrite latch is enabled.
InhibitEOLWrap Inhibit end-of-line wrap is enabled.
BlockTransferPage Block mode transfers the entire page.
InhibitDC1 DC1 handshake for block mode transfers is inhibited.
InhibitDC2 DC2 handshake for block mode transfers is inhibited.
CapsLock Caps lock mode is enabled.
BlockMode Block mode is enabled.
EnquireMode Enquire mode is active.
LocalMode Local mode is active.
ReceiveMode Receive mode is active.
LTAIMode LTAI is on.
SearchMode Search mode is active.
InsertInLine Editing mode is insert in line.
InsertInPage Editing mode is insert in page.
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