Tutorial: Authentication



The SDK provides for some limited means to authenticate to the Host Access for the Cloud session server. If the server is using LDAP for authentication, you can provide credentials to the constructor options which will be used when making the connection to the session server. This is especially useful with the headless: true option, as there is otherwise no other means of authentication.

If the server is using LDAP for authentication and no credentials are provided to the constructor, the login page will be shown and the user will need to interactively authenticate before the full api will be available and ready to use.

var zfe = new ZFE.ZFE({
  url: 'https://zfe.company.com:7443/',
  target: document.getElementById('my-host-app'),
  username: 'johnsm',
  password: '12345',
  domain: 'CORPDOM'

zfe.connect().then(function (authenticated) {
  if (authenticated) {
    window.alert('user successfully authenticated');
  } else {
    window.alert('authentication failed');