9.2 Publishing Application Sources

If you have a scheduled collection, the scheduled run publishes the collected application data at the end of the run. You can also manually publish the application data source independently from other application data sources. However, before publishing an application data source, you must publish your identity sources.

To manually publish applications:

  1. Log in to Identity Governance as a Customer or Data Administrator.

  2. Publish your identity sources.

    For more information, see Section 9.1.3, Publishing the Identity Sources.

  3. Select Data Sources > Applications.

  4. For each application source that you want to publish, select a publication option.

    NOTE:The ability to publish only changes will depend on your collection and publication scenario. For additional information about change event processing, see Section 8.9, Understanding Change Event Processing.

    1. To publish all collected accounts and permissions, click the Publish icon.

    2. To publish only the changes, select the Apply Changes icon.

HINT:You might intermittently experience extended delays in publishing eDirectory permissions due to hardware, operating system performance, database performance, disk space, network speed, or other environmental factors. If you experience significant delay, cancel the current publication and start a new publication of the same source. In most cases, the new publication will complete as expected.