7.7 Understanding Change Event Processing

Identity Governance gives you the flexibility to collect and publish only the changes that have happened in any Application or Application Definitions data sources since your last publication. Each time you want to publish changes, you must perform a collection targeted for publishing the changes. When you publish the changes, Identity Governance compares the result of the new collection with the latest published data, and publishes only what has changed.

Publishing only the changes saves space in the database because Identity Governance updates the current snapshot with only the changes. In contrast, when you perform a full publication, Identity Governance creates a new snapshot that includes the records of all collected entities whether they have changed or not since the last publication.

When you perform a collection, you can specify the publication type, whether to publish all, or publish changes only. However, there are scenarios where you are only allowed to select the publication type of publish all. Following are those scenarios:

  • When you collect data for the first time for an application source

  • When you collect data (for full publication or to publish changes) but do not publish

  • When you collect data (for full publication) and publish all, and then collect data to publish changes, but do not publish the changes

  • When you add a new collector to an existing application source

  • When you have one or more collectors disabled during a collection

  • When a collection could not collect from all the collectors. For example, when one of the collectors was disabled

When you click the Show All Collect and Publish Productions link, Identity Governance enables you to see more details of the collections and publications. For publications, that published only changes, you can see the steps of that publication as well as the number of entities that were added, modified, or deleted at each step. If you want the publication to save detailed information about the changes that were made, you must contact your SaaS Operations Administrator to set the global properties. You can review the changes later, or see exactly what has happened.