14.2 Performing Manual Fulfillment

Identity Governance sends an email notification when you have tasks in a review run based on your review definition and when change requests from reviews, access requests, business role definition changes, and user catalog changes need to be fulfilled. This section provides the steps required for you to complete Fulfiller tasks after receiving an email to manually fulfill a request.

For more information about your authorization and the review process, see Section 25.1, Understanding the Process Flow.

  1. In Identity Governance, select Requests to view the fulfillment requests.

  2. (Conditional) If you have the Fulfillment Administrator authorization, access the Fulfillment Errors tab to view fulfillment errors. To resolve the errors:

    1. Click Fix to access the Fulfillment Configuration page.

    2. Click Application Setup, view the settings for the application producing errors, and adjust the settings.

    3. Go back to the Fulfillment Requests > Fulfillment Errors tab, and click Retry to route the item to the correct fulfiller.

    4. If it is not possible to fix the problem, click Terminate to remove the change request item from the Fulfillment Errors tab.

  3. Select Access Request, Business Role, or Catalog tab to view change requests generated from different actions.

  4. Click the fulfillment task link on Access Request, Business Role, or Catalog tab to expand the task description and determine the changes to be made, the reason for the change, and any potential SoD violations.

  5. In the application affected by the requested change, modify the permission, user, account, or role according to the fulfillment task. This action might impact the SoD policies or uncover unmapped users.

  6. Manually fulfill the change request by making the requested changes in the indicated system.

  7. Return to Identity Governance and specify an outcome for individual, multiple, or all tasks.

    1. Select Actions > Fulfilled and submit all or Actions > Declined and submit all to specify an outcome for all items or

    2. Select individual task or multi-select tasks and use the Actions menu to specify one of the following outcomes:

      • Fulfilled to indicate that you completed the requested changes

      • Declined to indicate that you refused to complete the requested changes

      • Reassign to assign the fulfillment task to a different user

        NOTE:For fulfilled and declined outcomes, you can also enter comments explaining your action and submit decisions.

    3. (Conditional) To submit fulfillment decisions that were not previously submitted using the Actions menu, select Submit.

    NOTE:Manual fulfillment changes to the fulfillment request do not affect the Review run. Once you specify Fulfilled or Declined as an outcome, Identity Governance updates the Request status in the Request timeline and when a Review run is complete also updates the fulfillment status of the review item on the Review page.

  8. (Conditional) If you have Fulfillment Administrator authorization, you can select Fulfillment > Status to view the status of fulfillment requests in the Fulfillment area. For more information, see Section 13.3, Monitoring Fulfillment Status.