16.6 Understanding and Configuring JDBC Templates

Identity Governance provides the following templates for JDBC:

  • JDBC Identity

  • JDBC Account

  • JDBC Permission

    The identity, account, and permission templates are divided are organized by database:

    • DB2

    • Generic

    • MySQL

    • Non-specific

    • Oracle

    • PostgreSQL

    • SQLServer

    • Sybase

  • JDBC Generic DB Fulfillment

  • JDBC Oracle Fulfillment

  • JDBC PostgreSQL Fulfillment

  • JDBC SQL Server Fulfillment

For additional information about configuring JDBC templates, see the following sections:

16.6.1 Understanding Requirements When Using Cloud Bridge

NOTE:Identity Governance ssupport Cloud Bridge only in Identity Governance as a Service deployments.

If you plan to collect data from a JDBC source using Cloud Bridge, you must save the required third-party connector libraries to the bridgelib folder relative to the Cloud Bridge Agent.

  1. Ensure that the JAR files are placed in the /opt/netiq/bridgelib folder.

  2. (Conditional) If the file is not already in the bridgelib folder, place the dist-collectors.jar in the same bridgelib folder.

    NOTE:If you do not have the dist-collectors.jar, please contact the SaaS Support team.

  3. Restart the Cloud Bridge Agent.

16.6.2 About JDBC Collectors

To collect data from a JDBC source, Identity Governance needs the appropriate third-party connector libraries to be installed on the Identity Governance server.

16.6.3 About JDBC Fulfillment

Identity Governance uses the JDBC, Oracle, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL fulfillment templates to automatically fulfill change requests. Identity Governance uses the generic fulfillment template for all other databases, such as MySQL or SyBase. The appropriate third-party connector libraries must be installed on the Identity Governance server before you can use the JDBC generic fulfillment template. The generic template allows you to edit the transform script that builds the required payload to successfully process change requests.

The JDBC fulfillment template supports all change requests. The JDBC fulfillment is certified with the following database versions:

JDBC fulfillment type

Supported version

JDBC Oracle

Oracle 19c


PostgreSQL 14


MS SQL 2019

JDBC Generic DB

MySQL 8.0.x