21.3 Monitoring, Retracting, or Retrying Your Requests

Identity Governance enables you to search, view, sort, and refresh a list of your current and completed access requests. You can also retract or retry a failed request. The status column displays details of the request, approval, and fulfillment events.

21.3.1 Monitoring Requests

NOTE:Select the Refresh icon next to My Requests to refresh the status. Do not refresh the browser because it might lead to an error condition or require you to log in again. Additional administrator actions might also be required for the status to be updated.

To view a list of your requests, their status, and timeline:

  1. Select Requests > Requests.

    HINT:Requests that violate SoD policies have a warning icon next to the request name. Click the icon to view violated SoD policies.

  2. Select the calendar icon to specify a date range for your search.

  3. (Optional) Search for specific request items using typeahead search or advanced filters.

  4. (Optional) Use page control (if shown) to page through all requests.

  5. Select a request item status to view the timeline of underlying events associated with the request, including approver reassignments, approver feedback to requester, and fulfillment information.

    NOTE:Identity Governance updates the request fulfillment status when fulfillers fulfill a request, and when the application or a Customer, Global, or Data Administrator collects and publishes the application data source. For example, after a request is manually fulfilled, the fulfilled waiting verification status on the request timeline will change to verified only after a collection and publication.

  6. (Optional) Click Show completed requests and specify a date range to view historical requests.

    NOTE:You can view only historical requests that are still in your operational catalog and have not been purged. The time period of items in the operational catalog depends on your company’s data retention policies.

  7. (Conditional) If you have the authorization to view other users’ request, click View all requests at the top corner of the page to view all the requests.

21.3.2 Retracting Access Requests

When you might need to retract an access request that has not been fulfilled, you can revoke it directly in the application. A retracted request item moves from a tentatively retracted state to a completed retracted state.

NOTE:You can revoke a request only for a request item that is either in an approval pending or failed state. After fulfillment, use procedures in Requesting Access to remove or add access.

  1. In the Access Request interface, select Request > My Requests.

  2. (Conditional) If the Status of a request item is Approval Pending or Approval Failed, click Retract.

21.3.3 Retrying Failed Access Requests

Occasionally, access requests can fail. For example, if OSP is configured for HTTPS, but the server where the request workflow is running does not have the proper certificate in the cert store to be able to communicate with, the request will fail. After you have fixed the issue, you can retry the failed request item.

  1. In the Access Request interface, select Request > My Requests.

  2. Check the error message for information about the request item with Approval Failed status.

  3. Fix the issue or contact your system administrator to fix the issue.

  4. After the issue is fixed, click Retry.