24.4 Downloading and Importing Review Definitions

In addition to downloading reviewers and review items lists as CSV files, you can also download review definitions as JSON files and import the review definitions later into another environment.

To download or import review definitions:

  1. Log in to Identity Governance as a Review, Customer, or Global Administrator.

  2. Under Reviews, select Definitions.

  3. Select a definition or all the definitions.

  4. Click Download Definitions.

    1. Type the downloaded review definition name or a meaningful description.

    2. (Optional) Download included business roles, technical roles, and associated applications.

    3. Click Save.

    4. Click the download icon on the top title bar to access the saved file and download the file.

    5. (Optional) Delete the file from the download area in Identity Governance.

      If you do not manually delete the file, Identity Governance will automatically delete the file based on your default download retention day settings. For information about customizing download settings, see Section 4.9, Customizing Download Settings.

  5. If you make changes or want to import previously downloaded review definitions into another environment, select Import Review Definitions.

    NOTE:Review definitions import may result in unresolved references when matching criteria is not collected. To avoid these errors, make sure the global import and export com.netiq.iac.importExport settings is configured. Contact your SaaS Operations Administrator to ensure the settings are configured correctly.

    Identity Governance will use an existing coverage map, and automatically resolve coverage map references. If a coverage map does not exist, Identity Governance creates one.

  6. Navigate to the review definitions JSON file, select the file to import, and click Open.

  7. Identity Governance detects whether you are importing new or updated review definitions and whether the updates would create any conflicts or have unresolved references.

  8. Select how to continue based on what information is displayed.