25.2 Understanding Micro Certification

Micro certifications are focused event-driven reviews which involve a smaller number of review items. For example, a micro certification review could involve review items that violated a certification policy or a data policy. Micro certifications are designed to reduce or eliminate the need for full-scale access certification processes which require significant time and effort from business users.

A micro certification review inherits reviewer assignments and settings from the specified review definition and follows a similar life cycle as an on demand or scheduled review run. Currently, all review types support micro certification. Multiple micro certification reviews can run in parallel with on demand or scheduled reviews that use the same review definition.

NOTE:Any changes you make to the review definition when micro certification review is in progress will apply only to subsequent review instances based on these review definitions. The running review always points to the version of the review definition that you used to start the review. For example, if you change the micro certification review name when running remediation, the new name will be applied to subsequent micro certification reviews based on new violations and not to the micro certification review in progress.

A Customer, Global, or Review Administrator can view status and run history of micro certifications in the Review definition list area by selecting the number of micro certifications when Micro-certification in progress column is included as a display column. You can include the column in Review definition list area, by selecting the gear icon and dragging and dropping columns to the Available column area. Similarly, in the Review list area, you can include Started by column to view if a review was started by micro certification, on demand, or schedule. For more information, about customizing review display, see Section 24.2, Customizing Review Display.

NOTE:For information about setting up micro certification as remediation for policy violations, see Detecting and Remediating Violations in Published Data and Section 29.5.3, Remediating Certification Policy Violations.