6.6 Understanding Cloud Bridge

In Identity Governance as a Service environments, Cloud Bridge is a data transfer bridge between Identity Governance in the cloud and data sources in on-premises environments. The Cloud Bridge agent (CBA) is the entity that responds to the Identity Governance collection and fulfillment commands and directs them to the proper data source for execution. In the SaaS environment, the configuration and persistence of service-parameters identified as credentials are performed in the Cloud Bridge agent. For a high-level overview of your SaaS environment with Cloud Bridge, see the Identity Governance as a Service Quick Start.

The Cloud Bridge Data Center are configured as part of your Identity Governance tenancy based on the information you provide in the technical questionnaire. Data Centers are conceptual representation of your CBA instance. Install the Cloud Bridge agents on your local systems, and then configure Identity Governance Data Source Connections and Data Sources as needed to connect to your on-premises data sources. If you need to collect data from multiple data centers, you will need to install a Cloud Bridge agent in each on-premises data center.

Before enabling Cloud Bridge agent to collect data from on-premises data centers, authorized administrators will need to install Cloud Bridge, add credentials, and configure the data source connections. For more information about Cloud Bridge agent installation and configuration procedures, see the NetIQ Cloud Bridge Agent Installation and Administration Guide.

For information about procedures related to configuring data source connections and enabling the connection in Identity Governance, see Section 6.7, Collecting Data Using Cloud Bridge.