17.11 Monitoring Technical Roles and Downloading A List of Detected and Assigned Users

Identity Governance by default displays the name, description, and state of all your technical roles. You can customize the display to include additional details and download a list of assigned and detected users of a technical role.

To customize a display and download a list of technical role users:

  1. Log in as a Customer, Global, or Technical Roles Administrator.

  2. Under Catalog, select Roles.

  3. Click the gear icon.

  4. Select # Users with All permissions and # Assigned Users.

  5. (Optional) Select additional columns. For examples, select # SoDs and # Business Roles to view the associated SoD policy and business role.

  6. Save your changes.

  7. Click the number of users with all permissions, then click Download all as CSV.

  8. Click the number of assigned users, then select Actions > Download all as CSV.

  9. Select the download icon on the top title bar to access the saved files and download the files.

  10. (Optional) Delete the downloaded files from the download area in Identity Governance.

    If you do not manually delete files, Identity Governance automatically deletes them based on your default download retention day settings. For information about customizing download settings, see Section 4.9, Customizing Download Settings.