6.9 Upgrading Collectors

Identity Governance allows you to upgrade the collector template when:

  • You have upgraded Identity Governance

  • You have imported an older collector template

  • You have an old collector template which you want to convert to one that accepts change events

While upgrading, Identity Governance allows you to compare the parameters of the two versions, and preserve the configurations and scripts from the old version or make changes as needed. If you decide to use Cloud Bridge for data transfer, you must first create a data center or import the data center JSON file, then configure a data source connection. You can restore to the previous template if needed.

To upgrade the collector template:

  1. Under Data Sources, select Identities or Applications.

    1. Click Import an identity source or Import an application source. If you import an identity or application source that was created with an older version of the collector template, click the imported collector, then expand the collector view.


    2. (Conditional) If you have upgraded Identity Governance, but have an older version of the collector template, then select the existing identity or application source and expand the collector view.

  2. Make necessary changes and save.

  3. Click Upgrade

  4. Compare configurations and make changes as needed.

  5. Click Upgrade.

  6. (Optional) Restore to Template Version number if you want to revert to the older template.

Identity Governance continues to display the restore link until you dismiss the option.