9.6 Debugging a Workflow

When testing a workflow, you might need to see the values of the variables you are using in the flow. Some options include:

9.6.1 Using the Log Activity

Use the Log activity to display messages containing the variables you need to look at. After you have configured the Log activity, you can then see the messages in the console. In the Log activity, you can use scripting expressions in the Message property to retrieve the values you need. For example, you might use this expression to log a message containing the value of a variable defined on the flowdata object:


For details on using the Log activity, see Log Activity.

9.6.2 Changing Log Levels

During the debugging process, you can change the log levels associated with the workflow system. This approach might generate more information than you need, but sometimes it can be helpful. To change logging levels, go to the Logging Configuration page in the Configuration tab of the Workflow Administration Console.