16.4 Deleting an Instance of Workflow Engine

Review the following guidelines before deleting any instance of a Workflow Engine:

  • You must have appropriate permission to delete a Workflow Engine from the Workflow Administration Console. If you are unable to locate the Delete icon under the Workflow Engines State, it indicates that you do not have the required permission. For more information, see Manage User Access.

  • You can delete a Workflow Engine only when it is in shutdown state. The Delete icon is disabled by default when a Workflow Engine is in starting, running, or timedout state.

To delete an instance of Workflow Engine, expand the Workflow Engines State option on the Engine and Cluster Settings page, click the Delete icon next to the Engine ID that you want to delete, then click Confirm.

NOTE:In the back-end, the application continuously monitors the status of all Workflow Engines in the database. If an instance of Workflow Engine is in the shutdown state for more than 5 minutes, the application automatically deletes that instance from the database. The timer for this automatic engine deletion is set by default, and it cannot be configured.