6.4 Form Actions

You can perform the following actions on the Forms page:


Allows you to publish a form so that it can be associated with a workflow. The Publish icon is enabled only in two conditions:

  • when you create a form for the first time, and

  • when a form has unpublished changes

You can identify a published form by a tick sign next to the form name. For more information on form legends, see Form Legends.


Displays a list of workflows that are using the selected form. You can also view details such as name, ID, description, and status of the workflows using the given form.

NOTE:A form can be associated with one or more workflows, which can be either in published or unpublished state. Nonetheless, Workflow Administration Console displays only those workflows that are in published state.


Allows you to restore the selected form to its previous published version. The Restore icon is enabled only for forms with unpublished changes. For more information on how to use the restore action, see Restoring Previous Version of a Form.

Create as a copy

Allows you to create a new form by duplicating an existing form. For more information, see Creating a New Form by Copying an Existing Form.

6.4.1 Restoring Previous Version of a Form

The restore option enables you to undo the saved changes on a form and restore the previous published version. This applies only if the saved changes are not published yet. The restore action is useful when you encounter an issue with the edited version of a form and want to recover the previous published version.

Consider the following points when performing the restore action:

  • When you restore a form to its previous published version, all changes present in the edited version will be lost. You cannot undo this action.

  • The Restore icon is disabled for forms which have not been published even once.

To restore a form, identify the form first, click the Restore icon, then click Confirm to submit.