10.7 Workflow Status

The Workflow Status activity lets you specify the approval status for a workflow as either approved or denied upon completion. This method overrides the status set in the Default Completion Status As Approval parameter provided in the Overview tab. However, for workflows that do not contain a Workflow Status activity, the approval status is determined by the latter, that is the Default Completion Status As Approval parameter.

10.7.1 Properties

The Workflow Status activity has the following properties:

Table 10-18 Workflow Status Activity Properties




A unique string value that identifies the activity. Workflow Builder auto-generates this value in Mapping_<N> format, where <N> represents an alphanumeric value that contains 7 characters.


Specifies a name for the activity.

Workflow Status

Specifies the approval status as Approved or Denied.

10.7.2 Data Items

Data items are not supported with this activity.

10.7.3 Email Template

Email templates are not supported with this activity.

10.7.4 Problems

The Problems tab provides details of the errors and warnings associated with the activity in a workflow. For more information about validating workflow activities, see Validating a Workflow.