10.10 Notify Activity

The Notify activity is added before the Finish activity in a workflow. The Notify activity allows workflows to send the workflow status information and approver’s comments to the consumer application via REST call.

NOTE:To ensure that the system template workflows or a workflow created in the Workflow Administration Console integrates properly in Identity Governance, you must use the source expressions from the IGA default approval workflow while using the Notify Activity.

10.10.1 Properties

The Notify activity has the following properties:

Table 10-22 Notify Activity Properties

Property Name



A unique string value that identifies the activity. Workflow Builder auto-generates this value in Notify_<N> format, where <N> represents an alphanumeric value that contains 7 characters.


Specifies a name for the activity.

10.10.2 Data Items

To pass the workflow status and comments information to a consumer application, you must specify data items for the notify activity. The source expressions specify how Workflow Builder maps values retrieved from the workflow database to the target attributes, namely workflow status and notify comment in the input message for the consumer application REST endpoint that will be accessed by the Notify activity.

Table 10-23 Notify Activity Data Item Mappings



Source Expression

An expression used to initialize the data items needed by the Notify activity. When you click the edit icon in the Source Expression column, the ECMA expression builder displays to help you define your expression.

Target Field

A read-only field that specifies the target fields for the initialization data specified in the Source Expression.

Data Type

The data type for this data item.

10.10.3 Email Template

Email templates are not supported with this activity.

10.10.4 Problems

The Problems tab provides details of the errors and warnings associated with the activity in a workflow. For more information about validating workflow activities, see Validating a Workflow.