22.0 Instructions for Access Requesters and Approvers

Access Request allows you to request access and access removal for the following types of items:

  • Applications

  • Permissions

  • Technical roles

Application access request gives you login privileges to that application. Permission access request gives you more rights within an application. Technical role access request gives you rights to a group of permissions based on the requested technical role definition and assigns you the technical role.

Identity Governance administrators define the policies that govern who can request access, what they can request for, for whom they can request for, and any required approvals. Approvers are notified by email of pending requests according to the approval policies, which allow you to configure the frequency of these notifications. Access Request approval policies may also designate CC and BCC email recipients, as well as an escalation policy in case the approver does not act in a timely fashion.

This section provides instructions for individuals using the Identity Governance Request interface to request or approve access for themselves or others.