Standard Connector Fields

This section describes the standard fields that IDOL Connectors and CFS add to all your documents.

Connector Fields

Field Description
DREREFERENCE A reference for the document. This is the standard IDOL reference field, which is used for deduplication.
AUTN_IDENTIFIER An identifier that allows the connector to go back and extract the document again, for example when doing a collect or view.
DocTrackingId An identifier used for document tracking functionality. For details, refer to the Connector documentation.

CFS Fields

Field Description
VersionNumber The version number of CFS that was used to import the document.
KeyviewVersion The version number of KeyView that was used to import the document.
InfoFlag A KeyView Flag that describes the file type (External, Embedded, and so on).
ImportVersion The version of the CFS executable file.
ImportOriginalEncoding The detected encoding of the document.
ImportMagicExtension The file extension of the detected document type.
FAMILYSORT A field used to track families (that is, containers) of documents. It contains a hash unique to the family, with indices on the end describing the depth and number of attachments.
DREROOTFAMILYREFERENCE_ID A unique hash for the family of documents.
DREROOTFAMILYREFERENCE The parent document for the family of documents.
DREORIGINALNAME The original name passed to CFS for the file. This is the full path for extracted subfiles.
DREFILENAME The file name of the original document.
DocumentAttributes The KeyView document attributes.
DocumentClass The KeyView document class.
DocumentSize The size of the document.
DocumentType A number that represents the program that created the file format.
DRECHILDCOUNT The number of subfiles that the document has.
UUID A unique identifier for the document.
DREDBNAME The name of the IDOL database that the document must be indexed to.