Advanced Search Modes

The AdvancedSearch, AdvancedCaseSearch, AdvancedPlus, and XMLFullStructure options increase the available functionality of IDOL Server. However, they can also increase the processing time (at query time and at index time), and the size of the index.


Each of these options must be enabled in your IDOL license for you to use them.


If you change these options after indexing data, you must reindex the data.

AdvancedSearch enables exact stem matching as part of a phrase query.

AdvancedCaseSearch enables exact case matching. To use this feature, you prefix terms with a tilde (~), and IDOL treats the terms as case-sensitive.

AdvancedPlus mode enables the PARAGRAPH and SENTENCE operators, and indexes terms with both an explicit weight and position (so that position and weight information is available to subsequent queries).

For example, consider the following text:

Searching terms with weights[90]

The following table describes whether the specified query would return the document with that text.

Configuration Query Returns?
AdvancedSearch=False "search terms" Y
AdvancedSearch=True "search terms" N
AdvancedSearch=True "searching terms" Y
AdvancedSearch=True ~searching Y
AdvancedCaseSearch=True ~searching N
AdvancedCaseSearch=True ~Searching Y
AdvancedCaseSearch=True "terms with weights" N
AdvancedPlus=True "terms with weights" Y

To use the WHEN operator in queries, you must configure XMLFullStructure.

When one or more of the advanced search modes are turned on, the IDOL DefaultQueryOperator is WNEAR6, which biases result rankings towards results where the query terms occur close to one another. This process means that a search for George Washington matches "George Washington" above "George Smith lives in Washington"


The AdvancedSearch configuration parameter enables an advanced weighting algorithm that improves conceptual querying. It also enables exact word and phrase matching.

With exact phrase match, IDOL Server does not stem any term in quotes (""). It does remove stop words. If you want to include stop words in the phrase search, you can use the StopWordIndex configuration parameter. However, in this case, IDOL Server indexes all stop words in your documents, which can have a large negative effect on your index size.


The AdvancedCaseSearch configuration parameter enables the AdvancedSearch advanced weighting algorithm, and also enables case-sensitive exact keyword search.

With this mode enabled, you can prefix search terms with a tilde (~) to search for the term case-sensitively.


The AdvancedPlus configuration parameter enables the AdvancedSearch and AdvancedCaseSearch functionality, and also enables the SENTENCE and PARAGRAPH query operators.


The XMLFullStructure configuration parameter specifies that IDOL Server must treat different instances of the same field name as unique, in XML and IDX. This enables the WHEN query operator, and the BEFORE and AFTER FieldText operators.

The WHEN operator allows you to return only those XML documents in which two fields with the same parent field contain specified terms or phrases. You cannot use this operator in IDX documents, because IDX fields do not have parent fields.

The BEFORE and AFTER operators allow you to return only those XML or IDX documents in which two fields appear in the specified order.