Phrase Search

With Advanced Search enabled, you can search for exact phrases in a conceptual query. To run a phrase search, you put the phrase in quotation marks ("").

For exact phrase searches, IDOL Server removes stop words, but it matches only documents that contain the exact (unstemmed) form of the term.


During the exact phrase search process, IDOL Server stems the terms, matches documents that contain the stem, and then finds occurrences that match your exact unstemmed form. This stemming step means that an exact phrase search might not match a document in a different language that contains the exact unstemmed term. In this case, you can use cross-lingual search (in particular, generic stemming).

If you want to include stop words in the phrase search, you can use the StopWordIndex configuration parameter. However, in this case, IDOL Server indexes all stop words in your documents, which can have a large negative effect on your index size.