4.4.2 Keyboard Mapper

With the Keyboard Mapper, you can view and edit terminal keyboard maps, or create keyboard shortcuts. Changes are saved to the keyboard map A keyboard map is a configuration file that allows you to use your PC keyboard as a host terminal keyboard. Keyboard maps also include definitions for keyboard shortcuts. file when you click OK.

NOTE:If the currently selected map file is one of the built-in map files, InfoConnect automatically creates an editable copy of the map file, saves your changes to this file, and saves it to the Keyboard Maps folder in your InfoConnect user data folder This folder location is configurable using the Data Location tab during installation. The default is C:\Users\username\Documents\Micro Focus\InfoConnect. .

Map Keys

Redefine keystrokes using the following options:

Press the key or key combination that you want to map

Define the combination of keys for the keystroke.


Resets the selected key combination to None.

Select Action

Select an action to associate with the specified keystroke.

Keyboard Mapper

This table shows you all of the defined keystrokes for the map, which you can modify.


Opens the Select Action dialog box, from which you can change the action associated with the keystroke.


Removes the selected keystroke from the keyboard map.