4.5.2 5250 Display Sessions

Most of the work you do in Extra! takes place in a display session window. The display session window presents information from the mainframe, emulating mainframe terminal capabilities on your PC. Extra! can emulate one or more sessions at a time, giving you a display session window for each terminal emulated. Each display session has its own connection to the mainframe. You can transfer information between your PC and host environments or between two or more host sessions.

You use the Display Settings pages to define options for a 5250 display session. Depending on your specific requirements, you may want to make changes to the appearance of your display session window.

Use the Settings - 5250 Display pages to define options for your 5250 display session windows:

General: Use this page to define settings for a display session. You can select various cursor and rule line options, select which show attributes you want to use, and choose column separator position and height.

Advanced: Use this page to select Word wrap and Type ahead options as well as enable Hex mode preserve, Enable host beep, Aid field exit mode and Input inhibit auto reset supports.

Host Code Page: Use this page to specify the type of host code page you are using for the display session. If you are not sure which country and code page you should be using, check with your system administrator.

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