6.1 Installing Activation Files

6.1.1 Use the automated installer to install activation files

The easiest way to install or upgrade activation files is by running the MSS automated installer.

  1. Download the current version of the activation file for each add-on product from the Micro Focus download site (where you downloaded Host Access Management and Security Server).

  2. Place each activation file in the directory with the MSS installer.

    On Windows, for example: to install the Automated Sign-on for Mainframe Add-On, place the activation file in the same folder as the installer, mss-12.7.n.<nnn>-prod-wx64.exe.

    NOTE:The activation.mss_framework-12.7.n.jaw activation file is automatically installed to enable the Host Access Management and Security Server framework.

  3. Run the MSS installer.

    The activation files are placed in the appropriate directories, and you can begin configuring the add-on features.

    To see which Add-On products are installed, see the Product list on the Configure Settings - Activate Products panel.

6.1.2 Use the MSS Administrative Console to install activation files

The activation files for add-on products can be installed or upgraded using the Configure Settings - Activate Products panel in the MSS Administrative Console. Further action is required to configure the add-on features.

  1. Download the current version of the activation file and note the download destination.

  2. In the MSS Administrative Console, click Configure Settings - Product Activation.

  3. Click ACTIVATE NEW and browse to the activation file for the product you want to install:


  4. Click the file. The new product is installed and added to the Product list.

  5. After the add-on product is installed, be sure to configure settings to activate and use the product.

  6. Restart your browser to ensure that the MSS Administrative Console is fully updated with the new set of activation files. You do not need to restart the Administrative Server.

  7. Each add-on product requires further configuration and/or activation.

    For detailed steps, open the product Help to Configure Settings - Product Activation, and click Complete the Activation.

    Steps are available for

    • Security Proxy Server

    • Terminal ID Manager

    • Automated Sign-On for Mainframe

    • Micro Focus Advanced Authentication