2.1 Prerequisite Actions

2.1.1 Shut down any currently running components

Before installing or upgrading, shut down any Management and Security Server component that is currently running. (If you installed an earlier version with an automated installer, the automated installer will close the components for you.)

2.1.2 Obtain the required user privileges

  • On Windows. If you install servers on a Windows workstation, the installer must be launched by a user who is an Administrator with administrative privileges. Note that applications run by administrators are run with standard user permissions unless the user specifically authorizes the application to use more elevated privileges.

  • On Linux or UNIX. If you are installing on a Linux or UNIX platform, the installer must be launched by a user with root privileges.

  • If the MSSData directory (which stores site-specific content) must be installed to a non-default location, see Appendix B. Specifying a non-default location for MSSData.

2.1.3 Obtain the required account permissions

Make sure that you have the necessary account permissions to install components on the target server.

If you plan to use X.509 client certificates or secure LDAP access control, the account used to run the Administrative Server must have permission to write to the Java certificate authority certificates file (cacerts).

The default Windows location is

C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\ MSS\jre\jre\lib\security

2.1.4 On Linux, verify fonts are installed

If you are installing on a headless Linux system and no fonts are installed, you may encounter this error: java.lang.Error: Probable fatal error: No fonts found.

To resolve, ensure that fontconfig or at least one font is installed on the system.

2.1.5 Consider configuring an alternate temp directory

If you are installing Management and Security Server in a highly secure environment, where the /tmp directory may be restricted, we recommend configuring an alternate temp directory to enable a successful installation.

The installation of MSS requires a writable system temp directory, and if one is not available, the installer may fail to run. Note: During operation, MSS uses an internal temp directory that should be suitable in all cases.

To configure a temp directory, see Appendix C. Installing and Running MSS on a Locked-down System.

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