7.2 Install the Security Proxy Server

Use the MSS automated installer to install and configure the Security Proxy Server and to generate the required trusted certificates so you can begin creating secure sessions.

NOTE: About secure connections

The Security Proxy Server can be installed on the same machine as the Administrative Server or on a different machine. Although data between the terminal session and the Security Proxy server is encrypted, data between the Security Proxy server and the host is typically not encrypted.

If you install and run the Security Proxy server directly on the host, connections will be highly secure but CPU-intensive because additional processing is required to encrypt and decrypt the data stream.

You can increase the security of terminal session connections by ensuring that there is only one known, secure link between the Security Proxy server and the host. If you select End to end encryption when configuring a session, the connection between the Security Proxy and the host will use TLS.

Installation options

You can install the Security Proxy either at the same time or after you install Management and Security Server (the Administrative Server). Choose an option.

NOTE:If you are not able to use the automated installer — contact Support for guidance.