1.0 About Management and Security Server 12.8

Host Access Management and Security Server version 12.8 released along with Host Access for the Cloud 2.7 in September 2021. See the Release Notes for details.

In the MSS ADMINISTRATIVE CONSOLE, open the About menu to view

Click on the upper-right of any panel to open the MSS Administrative Console Help.

Product Information

View the installed Version and System Information for Host Access Management and Security Server.

Support Diagnostics

Use this option to download an archive of logs and diagnostic data from all servers. The data is packaged into a single zip file that can be sent to Micro Focus Support, when requested.

NOTE:When the server is configured for LDAP (specifically Active Directory), the MSS administrator may need to include a domain name when prompted for credentials. The format for the username is domain\user, such as mycompany\joesmith.

Activated Products

Click the link to go to the Configure Settings - Product Activation panel to see the list of currently installed activation files for add-on or other products.

Legal Information

View the license agreement and legal notices.