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Terminal ID Manager Guide

Terminal ID Manager is a Management and Security Server Add-on product that provides IDs to client applications at runtime. This capability enables you to conserve terminal ID resources and significantly reduce operating expenses.

Specifically, you can:

  • pool terminal IDs

  • monitor ID usage

  • manage inactivity timeout values for specific users

This guide describes the procedures to install and configure the Terminal ID Manager.

Setting up Terminal ID Manager

The Terminal ID Manager must be activated and configured before you can assign IDs to emulator sessions.

That is, at a high level, you must

  1. Activate the Terminal ID Manager Add-on product.

  2. Create a database.

  3. Configure settings in the Terminal ID Manager Console.

  4. Configure sessions to use Terminal ID Manager.

  5. Assign those sessions to users or groups.

Follow the detailed steps in these sections: