14.0 Creating Users

After Domain Services for Windows (DSfW) is properly installed and provisioned, you can create users with either iManager or a Microsoft Active Directory management tool such as Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

Although the users are created in eDirectory, they appear in the DSfW domain when viewed from MMC. User account information that is common to both eDirectory and Active Directory can be managed with either tool.

Users created in the DSfW domain are automatically provisioned to use DSfW. In Active Directory, logon users are normally created in the Users container within the domain. In DSfW, users can be created anywhere within the domain (which corresponds to an eDirectory partition).

When a user is provisioned, the ADPH agent adds a number of Active Directory-specific operational attributes to the User object. These include SAM (Security Account Manager)-related attributes and RFC 2307 attributes.

NOTE:Micro Focus recommends you to use either iManager or MMC for DSfW user and group management. If you use iManager or MMC interchangeably for DSfW user or group management, then some of the attributes of DSfW users or groups created using MMC will not match with those created using iManager.