5.7 Unsupported Service Combinations

IMPORTANT:Do not install any of the following service combinations on the same server as DSfW. Although not all of the combinations cause pattern conflict warnings, Micro Focus does not support any of the following combinations:

  • File Server (SLES 11 - Samba)



  • OES Cluster Services (NCS)


  • OES NetStorage

  • OES Pre-Migration Server

  • OES Samba

5.7.1 Installing Other Products in the DSfW Partition

Micro Focus doesn't support installing other Micro Focus products within a Domain Services for Windows (DSfW) partition.

Some products might be supported in name-mapped implementations of DSfW. Consult the product documentation and the Micro Focus Support site for confirmation before attempting such installations.

You should assume that an installation is not supported unless these sources indicate otherwise.

NOTE:This section refers to Micro Focus products that are not included with OES, such as GroupWise. It doesn’t apply to services included with OES, such as Micro Focus iPrint.

Limitations for installing OES services on the same server are outlined in Section 5.7, Unsupported Service Combinations.