22.2 Special Handling for iPrint on DSfW

Use these sections to handle the specific conditions during iPrint configuration on DSfW:

22.2.1 Secure and Non-Secure Printing

iPrint supports both secure and non-secure printing. For non-secure printing, users do not need to be authenticated in order to install and access printers made available through iPrint. They simply use iPrint’s browser-based tool to find a nearby printer and install the necessary drivers for the selected printer.

For secure printing, only iPrint printers that the user has rights to can be installed using the browser-based tool.

While accessing secure printer, if a user is not unique in the iPrint client authentication window, then that user needs to provide the complete context in either LDAP or Domain Controller based format for the authentication window. For example, if the user administrator is present in user context for both first domain controller as well as the Child Domain Controller (CDC), you need to provide the complete context for the user who needs to be authenticated. Use one of the following format based on the user context:

  • The LDAP format is "cn=person,cn=Users,o=<context>,C=<context>"

  • The DC format is "cn=person,cn=Users,dc=<context>,dc=<context>"

22.2.2 Using a Common Driver Store in a DSfW partition

There is no need to create a separate Driver Store for DSfW partition. You can configure PSM in a DSfW partition to use an existing Driver Store which is outside of the DSfW partition.