22.3 iPrint Clustering in a DSfW Environment

22.3.1 iPrint Clustering on NSS Clusters

It is recommended that all NSS Cluster nodes for iPrint reside in the same container of the DSfW partition. This is because, we add 'wwwrun' user and 'www' group as trustee for the iPrint areas on the NSS Volume. These users are created in every container the nodes reside in. So, if the nodes reside in different containers, there will be one set of the above user and group for every container.

If you run the iPrint migration script on a node, the user & group in the container the node resides is added as a trustee to the same node in the container. If we have any other node - in a different container, then we need to add the respective 'wwwrun' & 'www' objects added as trustees to the iPrint areas on the Cluster NSS Volume.

The location they need to be added as trustee with 'rwcemf' rights is, /var/opt/novell/iprint on the specific clustered iPrint NSS Volume.