5.12 Limitations

Consider the limitations in this section when planning to install DSfW.

5.12.1 Hostname

If the hostname of a primary domain controller or an additional domain controller (ADC) has more than 15 characters, you must ensure that the first 15 characters of a new ADC that is added to the domain is different from the first 15 characters of the primary domain controller or any existing ADC in the domain. Not complying with this guideline will lead to failure in provisioning of the new ADC.

5.12.2 NetBIOS Names

The NetBIOS names are automatically configured from the DNS name you provide for the domain during the DSfW installation. We recommend you to not change the NetBIOS name.

In case you need to change the NetBIOS names, avoid using the following names:

  • security

  • schema

  • linkengine

  • administrator

  • ndsschema

  • ndscontainer

5.12.3 Installation Issue

DSfW cannot be installed on a server that is already running as an OES server. To install DSfW, you must do a fresh install of OES.