15.25 Communications Errors

When you manage a cluster or cluster resources with the Clusters plug-in for iManager, CIMOM errors can occur for the following reasons:

  • The CIMOM broker daemon must be running and listening on port 5989. See the Section 4.6.8, SFCB and CIMOM.

  • You must be able to connect to the cluster master node. Verify the ability to connect to the cluster master node by pinging the cluster IP address from a terminal console on a different computer.

    If there is a conflict for the master IP address, you can modify the master IP address only by using the Clusters plug-in for iManager as described in Section 8.12, Viewing or Modifying the Cluster Master IP Address or Port. After you fixed the conflicting IP address problem, you must close the browser and restart the cluster, and then open a browser and log in to iManager again in order to continue to manage the cluster.

  • The cluster IP address must be the same in the NCS:Network Address attribute and Network Address attribute for the Cluster object. Addresses might not match if you modified the master IP address for the cluster and did not restart the cluster.

Other possible issues are described in the Cluster Communications Error message (see Figure 15-1).

Figure 15-1 Cluster Communications Error