5.0 Installing, Configuring, and Repairing OES Cluster Services

This section describes how to install the OES Cluster Services software on Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP3 servers, how to configure the cluster on the first node, and how to configure other nodes for the cluster.

IMPORTANT:Before you install or configure OES Cluster Services, ensure that you understand the requirements for it and have configured the environment as described in Section 4.0, Planning for OES Cluster Services.

See the following resources for information about rolling cluster upgrades or conversions to the latest version of OES Cluster Services:

Upgrading from


OES 11 SP3

OES 2015 SP1

OES 2018

OES 2018 SP1

Section 7.0, Upgrading OES Clusters

NetWare 6.5 SP8

OES 2015 SP1: Novell Cluster Services NetWare to Linux Conversion Guide