4.2 Requirements

  • The install administrator must have Compare, Read, and Write right on ACL Attribute to add the Common Proxy user as a trustee of AFP user contexts selected at the time of installation.

  • The AFP proxy user must have inheritable Read and Compare rights on CN attribute of user contexts.

  • The AFP administrator must have Compare, Read, and Write rights on ACL Attribute of user contexts being added for authentication.

  • If your eDirectory replica is stored on an eDirectory server earlier than 8.8.3, make sure that you upgrade the server by using the Security Services 2.0.6 patch.

  • The AFP server requires at least one Read/Write replica in an eDirectory tree with NMAS version 3.2 or later.

  • Ensure that the OES AFP NMAS method is installed and synchronized across the eDirectory tree:

    1. Install novell-afp-nmasmethods.rpm.

    2. Execute the /opt/novell/afptcpd/bin/install_afp_lsm.sh script.

    For more information on installing AFP NMAS methods during a new installation or an upgrade , see Section 5.3, Installing AFP NMAS Methods.