5.3 Installing AFP NMAS Methods

5.3.1 Installing AFP NAMS Methods during a New Installation

For a new installation, you are not required to install the AFP NMAS methods. The methods are installed during the AFP server installation.

5.3.2 Installing AFP NAMS during an Upgrade

If you are upgrading from an OES 2 SP2 server or an OES 2 SP3 server to an OES 2018 or later server, make sure you install the novell-afp-nmasmethods.rpm.

5.3.3 Installing Patches for the AFP NMAS Methods

It is important to ensure that the AFP NMAS methods have the latest updates.

To install patches for the AFP NMAS methods, run the following script:


This script prompts you to enter the Tree Admin name and password for the eDirectory user.

After installing or upgrading the NMAS methods, ensure that s NMAS methods are synchronized in eDirectory.